Collita y Emolita

I’ll never be able to say enough or fully express how I feel about Emily. The littlest things remind me of you. When I make scrambled eggs for breakfast, I think about how I made them for you. When I hear the Beatles, Elton John, Billy Joel, Cher, “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston, and our song “Diane” by Fleetwood Mac I think about you. When I see hot pink (your summer color) or tulips. When I wear my Birkies (same kind) and our matching shorts and butterfly belts. I remember when you let me dye your hair and I didn’t do the greatest job, and when I lost your shoes. I found one of them a week ago. I remember driving in your truck when you only had your permit. I remember visiting you when you worked at Boston Store and your love affair with Rice Krispies. The time I laughed the hardest was when I slept over and you jumped around the living room with a butcher knife trying to kill flies. And that’s what I’ll miss most, your laughter. And your made-up words and stupid voices. You made me so happy and I didn’t need anyone else. We were so close and I’ve never felt so comfortable with anyone. You’re irreplaceable as my best friend and I’ll never have anyone like you again. I’ll always regret that we were fighting when you left and my only consolation is the card you gave me 3 months ago that said you would always love me and be my best friend. I’m sorry, I will always love and miss you. *It’s a grand old flag* <3 Colleen

her impact on me

emily showed me the kind of person that i really want to be. Someone strong, loving and caring like she was. I only met emmie this year at college but she has forever made an impact on my life. I loved emmie so much, much more than i thought i could love a friend, or someone i just met that year but she was just that kind of person i guess. She always made me laugh and was always there when i needed someone to talk to. I cant even imagine how great of friends we could have been 10 years down the road when we were such great friends already! She will forever hold a place in my heart and i cant imagine moving out of the dorms next year and not moving in with her. We were gonna be roomies and i was gonna take care of her. now what am i to do? All i know is i miss you like crazy emmie aka my lil lamb!

my lil lamb

emmie was such an amazing person that when i needed help studying for my yoga final she spent like 4 hours helping me learn everything. she was convinced by the end of the night i would know everything. granted in those 4 hours we ordered pizza, watched OC it was a first for emmie(the show) and then walked down to the gas station to get her everyday water and to buy my some energy water to help me for the big test the next day. we talked bout things like family, boys, and the sorority and of course how we would be roomies next year. that night i really got to know the real emily and how great a person she was to stend a whole night just helping me pass a yoga final. I did get an A on my final just like emmie knew that i would and its all thanks to her.