Emily had a thing for shoes. It started when she was very young and would not let me put anything on her feet. If I could even get past her ability to curl her toes making it impossible to get shoes on her feet, she would whip those shoes off as soon as she could. Once when I was driving her to daycare, she was under 18 months, I was suddenly hit by first one shoe and then the other. When I finally stopped the car to turn and look at her she had the biggest smile on her face. I ended up carrying her A LOT. Now I look at her shoe collection and am amazed. She has bright yellow go go boots, platform shoes that no human could walk in, birkies, sandles, 5 pairs of tennis type shoes, and beautiful dress shoes to go with each of her dressy dresses. I wish I could wear these shoes but I am a full size smaller than Em’s feet. I think I will keep them anyway. She was such a foot person!!