Goosebumps from Emily

Yesterday I was sitting at the breakfast table looking out over the vast concrete patio outside the window. I sit there every morning, and every night as I eat. I play with the dogs out on the patio every day. I noticed, for the first time, a tiny, gold-wrapped present sitting in the middle of the patio. It was impossible not to see it. It was shiny and had a bow on it and a miniature tag. I stared at it in amazement. We had taken the Christmas trees out a week and a half earlier, and I had checked them carefully to make sure all the ornaments were removed. And this was a shiny gold box, How in the world could you miss a shiny gold box?? Not only that, but I had been looking out this same window for a week and a half at the very spoot where it lay. Not 15 feet from where I sat. And it was all alone in the middle of a slab of concrete. I sat transfixed. Em’s grandmother has made ornaments for all of us, and every grandchild for several years, and it looked to be one of those. I thought to myself “How wierd would that be if it was one of Emily’s. If it was Em’s would it be a message?” I dropped what I was doing and ran outside to look. I saw the little tag on the package and flipped it over. On the back side there were no words, just a color picture of Emily out at the Lake. It blew me away.