THE Dress

Over the years, for Emily’s birthday in late July, I would take Emily to a store called The Fashion Bug for her to pick out some new clothes for school. When she was 13 we left the island for our clothing spree. As soon as we arrived she spotted this one dress which was long and covered with very tasteful subdued blue sequins. As we completed the sweep of the store she still had the dress on her arm. So I asked her where she would wear it and she replied “to graduations, dances, weddings and funerals”. I thought only a grandmother could let her have it if it was she really wanted. So she tried it on and it fit as if it were tailored for her. So I bought it for her. I had to agree not to tell her Dad when we got back on the island. So I didn’t but when it was time for presents she showed up wearing it at the top of the hill overlooking the lake. I thought Wells was going to fall out of his chair. It was quite a sight for everyone. We never forgot it. The picture of her all “grown up” is still treasured today…Grandmum