camping buddies

This website is excellent. It’s touching to read stories from so many of Emily’s friends. I was closest to Emily when she was very young, and over the last few years, only saw her occassionally. I’m discovering more and more that she truly did grow into an amazingly special, loving, fun person. One could certainly see all those qualities early on. I remember one camping trip with Wells, Ian and Emily, when she was only around six years old. She was watching the family at the next campsite for a few minutes, then decided to just boldly wander over, determined to make friends with “the kids over there.” Minutes later, she brought over a a girl her age and introduced us to her. She hung out with new friend for most of the weekend – and stayed in touch with her afterward. Even then, I remember wishing I had that kind of incredible self-confidence and good nature to pull something like that off. Obviously, she kept those wonderful qualities and with them, touched so many people. – Big