Birthday Wishes

Today is your birthday! I remember spending several of your birthdays up in Canada. I remember always having dirt cake on your birthday and hearing Margaret tell us about the day you were born. I even remember the birthday tradition of not being able to talk while eating cake on your birthday or you’d have to sit under the table until your cake was done; of which you quickly decided that you would rather sit under the table and talk with us and your friends than not be able to talk. All of your friends were totally freaked out and didn’t know what to do, so they all joined you under the table. My tradition now, is to spend your birthday hiking at Devil’s Lake. It’s not nearly as fun as spending time with you, but I can remember all of the fun things we did while hiking and enjoying the solitude of nature. I only wish you could join me. I miss spending time with you watching movies, shopping, and dancing in the living room. I miss talking about boys and laughing about embarrassing moments. I miss having a sister; I miss you! I know I could have been a better sister, but you were the best sister and friend a girl could have ever had. I could argue with you and know that you would still love me. I could tell you my secrets and know that they were safe. I could be honest and true and you would never judge me, but rather, give me your honest opinion and advice. No one can ever replace you. I will miss you always!!