Thinking about you always Stylz

Emily, I will never forget you and I am so thankful that you came into my life even though it was brief, you affected me more than anyone could ever know. I learned to appreciate the oppurtunities that come my way and to never take myself too seriously- When you passed away I couldn’t make sense of it- and all I could vow to do was take advantage of the life I do have and be the best person I can be to make up for the life you didn’t have the chance to live. You did more, and made such an impact on this world in your short time than most people do in a life time and I always wonder what you would have accomplished had you been given the chance- but everything you accomplish is now through the lives of those you touched- those who will never forget you. You inspire me, I look up to you, I miss you. Thanks for being my sister. You will never be forgotten. I love you. YSF. CoCo #24 Kappa Tau Sorority