Happy Birthday!

Today is your 22nd birthday. I remember the day you were born so vividly. You came into the world so quickly and were a force to be reconed with! Every year since you were 3, you insisted that I make you a Dirt Cake as a birthday cake. Early on it was hard to find the gummie worms but you made it OK to have gummie bears or whatever gummie we could find!! One year I even had to use Swedish Fish and you loved it. It was the sweet with the cream cheese, but most of all, it was watching me work so hard to make you a creative cake each year. You would never help, but you always supervised. I stopped asking what kind of cake you wanted, because I knew the answer. I miss you everyday. I miss your laughter, your advice, your sense of style, but mostly your hugs and your voice. Today, on your 22nd birthday, I honor you by surrounding myself in beauty and try to make a difference in the world. On the day you were born, you changed my life and made the world a better place. I miss you so. Happy Birthday. Love you always and forever, Mommy

Memories of Emily

Emily will always be in my heart. She has shown me to be strong and to “keep on truckin'”. I now work for Kohl’s Corpoation who helps raise money for Juvenile Diabetes and I have now been the team captain for two years for the Child Development Center. Emily has given me the ambition to be a leader and to show others how important Juvenile Diabetes is. I will forever miss Emily and will always remember her happy and strong personallity. Love, Jackie