Emmy and Yogi

Emily said “Pappy, the next time you pick-up Sophie and Lorenza after school let me know and I’ll make time for them because its been awhile since we’ve seen one another”. When the next time arrived I called Emmy and she dropped everything and we were on our way to a mini-reunion. As usual I brought along a few snacks and drinks to ease the hunger and thirst that creeps in around 3:00PM. Along the way, Emmy spotted the bag of goodies and enjoyed a little sampling of what was to come. We picked-up Sophie and Renza and there was hugging and kissing and chatter and chewing and slurping and noise and laughter all the way home. When we got there and entered, Emmy went directly to the refridgerator and opened the door and just stood there. Then in dramatic fashion she said “Look at this. Its full of food and there’s nothing to eat”. It reminded me of Yogi Berra when commenting on the merits of a restaurant he said “Nobody goes there anymore. Its too crowded”. Emmy had this wonderful quality of being open and honest and sometimes funny.