December 13th, 2006

I’m sorry. I didn’t forget. I still think about you everyday. My Grandpa Bill passed away this December 13th. Weird. I miss you, you’ll always be my gest friend and I wear your ring everyday. I love you Emily.

I Miss You

There hasn’t been a day in the last 3 years that I haven’t found myself thinking about Emily. Her influence on all of us is beyond words and beyond time. I cannot bring to words the anguish that I felt then and continue to feel to this day. I miss her so much, I do not know words with which to express the full meaning that I palce behind them besides these.

I miss you so.

Each and every day I miss your laughter, your smiles, your phone calls!! The loneliness does not go away, but I know you are with us in so many ways. You have left such a beautiful legacy of caring and love. I think of you when I see the sun rise, when I hear a Beatles song, when I taste a delicious meal. You are with me forever, and that is what helps me get through each and every day when that hole in my heart seems too big to live with. I hear your voice telling me that I can do it, or that I am OK, or that you love me. Because of you, I don’t hold back! I miss you so very much, but I know you are here, just beyond that shadow, past that veil, around that corner, waiting and still loving all of us. I miss you so much. I love you forever. Mommy

legacy of the heart

It’s been 3 years since Emily left us in the physical sense of the word. A lot has happened: people have gotten older (not me), moved on, moved away. Yet there is still a connection to those we love even when they are not physically here. It’s a sense of presence, a memory of a special quality, a feeling that somehow they know it too. “Emily’s Fund” was started by Margaret and Steve here at Emily’s church. It is truly a fantastic gift, the benefits of which will be felt for a long time to come. Our Youth Suite has been refurbished. In it are 4 leather couches purchased with money from “Emily’s Fund.” I remember that Emily loved leather furniture. Scholarships for our summer trips will come from the same fund for years to come. Emily signed her name on the wall of names back in ’99, as “Emily ‘McCartney’ Culver.” (I know you are smiling as you read that!) We miss her. We love her. We’re thankful she’s still here in our hearts. Steve Royalton Youth Ministries Coordinator Covenant Presbyterian Church