Unfortunately, we did not get to know Emily very well as we met Margaret and her kids shortly before we left Wisconsin. But we did get a chance to meet and know her better when Margaret, Steve, Ian and Emily came for a short stay at our house in Phoenix, AZ. We had a great visit, but one thing I do remember about Emily and would always remember is she began a new tradition at our house. In Phoenix peope don’t typically swim in their pools between Oct-Late April early May. It was March and hot by Wisconsin standards, and Emily wanted to go swimming! So she and my kids went swimming even though the water was mighty cold. From that time on when March rolled around, my kids always wanted to get the swimming season under way, no matter how cold the water was or how dirty the bottom of the pool might be. We no longer live in Phoenix and we all miss our pool, and I still remember Emily splashing about in the pool in March.