Last year

All I could think about today, is that it has been one year since I last saw Emily. I realised that almost nothing about how I have/had felt has changed in that entire year. I sit back and I think and through everything, and I can still smile at the good times, and when it all comes down to it, thats all that matters in the end i think.

one last thing

i think after she left us she made a deal as a promoter for the beatles, i can’t hear a song without feeling sad, cranking my sterio and doing the best i can to sing along. i can only apologize to the ears i’ve hurt along the way. rock on emmy dan

thanks for giving

this is not an english paper, and im am going to blame all errors on my poor typing. getting started Ian has been my best friend since 6th or 7th grade when he walked into our health class and like a dumbass i was the first to point out to him that it was not a 5th grade class. only to my dismay he was not in 5th grade, and he now sat right next to me. (talk about learning lessons about first impressions early) but not only had i found a great new friend, but i had just had a great family move in blocks from my house. that family happened to be the hubb-vers, and steve and margaret wether they know it or not have also made a huge impact on my life. im now living in hawaii, but when im home i often will cruse by their old house after long raining rides when im cooling down and it seems like i can never stop the memories from rushing back. im not sure if anyone else has this problem but emily has this kind of omnipresence on memories. especially of their old kitchen. also all the times we would all mess around on emilys bass guitar together, play video games, go for bike rides. and then the times we had all gone to races together. when me and ian we both racing, margaret was kind enough to cart us kids over to lacrosse, one thing about margaret that i love is her incredible….whats the word…im going to call it passion. the woman hates to be lost, and she is not afraid to show it, even though to this day im am afraid to see it. but on that trip we were very lost and margaret got very passionate, but we found our hotel, we made some great jokes about the roach races, went for a swim. the most outstanding thing to me was that when emily was with you everything went a little better, everyone was a little happier and the world just may have been a better place to be. knowing her was a complete blessing and i dont know anyone who she touched that would not give anything for one last moment of a final goodbye. for everyone out there who misses emily, who gets choked up when you see her picture on the fridge like i do, lets all be thankfull for the friend we had and all the giving she did to the hearts she touched dan ajer