Meeting Emily

This is my first time writing a story about Em. I have visited this page several times before, but didn’t know what to write. Today I saw a girl on campus that looked just like Em. I wanted to run up to her and give her a huge hug, but reminded myself it was not Emily. I am one of Ians close friends. So naturally I met Emily through him. I remember the first time I met Em like it was yesterday. She had the personality everyone dreams to have and her smile could light up any room. That night all the boys decided to play video games, which didn’t intrest any of the girls. After talking for a few minutes, all the girls decided to go cruise the wash. Wow what an experience! Even though it was the first time Em and I actually hung out, it felt like I had known her for years. We had such a blast yelling and being goofy. Another memory was visiting her at the hospital. We walked into the room and she greeted us with a smile. Not only a smile, but also a great sense of humor. It is amazing the impact she has had on my life even though I only have a dozen memories of her. I was so impressed by her strength and by her acceptance of everyone. I will always hold a spot for you in my heart Em and I miss you greatly. And Ian never forget that I am always here for you. You are such an amazing friend and have lifted my spirts so many times when I was down. I can’t thank you enough!