As we get closer to Emily’s birthday, I am filled with memories of past celebrations. Even when it was her day she made sure everyone else was having a good time…which meant a lot. Just a few days ago I was in the hospital for something minor, but sitting there I kept thinking about how strong and courageous Emily was…no matter how she felt sitting in the hospital, she could always crack a smile. She is an inspiration! I think about her every day and I find myself looking to pictures of her to make me smile and to remember. A friend told me something that has really helped me: “I think that maybe we need to just accept that we had something beautiful in your lives, a relationship with her was so priceless…and it’s something we need to remember, but we should do what she would have wanted us to do…live on and be happy…” Those words have helped me focus on making sure that everyone who knew Emily would be able to share in the moments that we smiled and were happy. Therefore I have created an album of photos from my own collection that I would like to share: