ok emily, you can stop now 🙂 now imagine by john lennon is on my launch cast radio at work, hi em!!

let it be

i just heard the song ‘let it be’ by the beatles and it made me think of em, we miss you hun!!

The Pepper Pump

Emmy observed that none of my pepper mills were working very well so she gave me a beautiful pepper pump for my birthday. Instead or turning a crank or twisting the top, you just press the top down with your thumb or palm of your hand and it spews out cracked pepper. It was a very generous gesture on her part and you could see she experienced the joy of giving as she saw me experiencing the joy of receiving. Just a few weeks ago the pump ran out of pepper so I tried to refill it but the wingnut on the bottom would’nt come off. Thinking there might be a secret to opening it, I tried all kinds of tricks but nothing worked. Sensing that I was about to damage it while trying to refill it for the first time, I called the customer service department at the manufacturer and after a pleasant conversation was assured that if the problem persisted all I had to do was return it and they would be happy to repair or replace it at no charge. The lady was very helpful so before I signed off I wanted to know her name so I could personalize a thank you and also have a name as a reference should returning it be necessary. So I asked, “what is you name?”. She replied, “EMMY”. Coincidence? I don’t know. A sign? Maybe. Whatever, don’t you kind of think just maybe Emmy is having some fun with this one?

Where’s The Butter?

When Emmy was a toddler in a highchair,it was noted that if the butter was placed within her reach, she would help herself to copious quantities of it. Greasy little fingers, gouged out sticks of butter and a buttery grin on her angelic face, all seemed to indicate that Emmy liked butter. Fast forward a few years. Ian and Emmy were at our place and it was decided we’d have some popcorn. Since I was the designated popcorn maker in our house, I set about the task of preparing it, not unmindful of Emmy’s liking for butter. As the kernels popped to a furious finish and I, with gloved hands, hustled to avoid the big sin, burning it, wonderful odors wafted through the air whetting those little big appetites. I melted a generous quantity of butter, poured it over the popcorn, sprinkled it with a little salt and served it to the eager pair. Ian dove in and it was immediately apparent he really enjoyed it. Emmy was a different story. She tasted a sample and asked “where’s the butter?”. The candor Emmy exhibited here was with her throughout her life. Candor, in all its forms, was just one of many endearing characteristics that made Emmy a interesting, wonderful, sweet and loveable person.