in my garden

A few days ago I was cleaning out my garden, removing old leaves and sticks, uncovering and cutting back plants that had been buried in snow all winter. I spotted a tiny piece of weathered paper under a big maple tree in the groundcover. I picked it up and looked it over. Written on it was Emily’s name, in my handwriting. I held it in my hand and closed my eyes.


As spring approaches us, I notice the flowers. Tulips were Emily’s favorite flowers. The day after Emily died I opened the door to a deliver person who brought me a large vase FULL of red tulips. I thought of Emily immediately. The flowers were from her dear friend Margaret and I will never forget the feeling of Emily being so close with those tulips. So today, and throughout the spring, as you see tulips remember Em. Her spirit is alive in all the flowers that are coming back to us.

Everything going to be alright

I dont know why, but recently i realised that Emily had always made everything seem like it was going to be alirght, that everything was going to work out. She was really my light on a dark night.


I only met Emily 3 times, but at each meeting she was as sweet as could be. I have read many of the other stories on this site and see how much all of you really loved and cared for this wonderful person. I felt I needed to share because Emily’s mom is a very special person to me and I know that these stories help to keep Emily’s memory alive. The first time I met Emily was the day Margaret was taking her to college. She was very excited! (I also saw that hint of nervousness in her that all new college students have). She told me that she was attending UWM and living in her own apartment. I thought that was really cool. I remember wishing her luck and watching her smile as she left for her new adventure. I know this is a small/ short memory but her energy and spunky attitude stuck in my head – even though I did not know her very well. From what Margaret tells me and through the pictures I’ve seen, UWM was a wonderful place for Emily. She anticipated great things and found them there.