Day by day…

That’s all I’ve really been trying to do lately…take it all day by day. There are days when it’s tough to know that she’s really gone…it’s a hard thing to accept. There are days when I swear I catch a glimpse of her out of the corner of my eye…but I don’t let myself believe it. Emily was one of the greatest friends I ever had. I didn’t have many friends at Edgewood because I was opinionated…but Emily made me embrase it. She made me want to be myself when I was around her, and she helped me through some rough times. When I look back, I realize that my anti-social tendancies may have hurt us, but I realize that she knew that’s the way that I was, and knew I would always be there for her, and the other way around. There’s songs that remind me of her all the time, and I try hard to hold back the tears, but sometimes I break down. She was one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met in my life. We’ve all lost something with her death, but we’ve all gained so much from her life.


This is Grant Gorman, I haven’t entered anything on this page yet because even though it has been a quarter of a year, I am not totally ready to let go. Emily was such a great person. I remember giving her rides to many different places sophomore year. She was always a liason between Colleen and I. If it were not for her we may not be together today. I miss Emily every day and tear up/cry whenever I hear the Beatles on the radio. I suspect it will always be that way. For a long time i considered her my best friend. She will never be outside of my thoughts, heart, and prayers. God bless Emily, her family, and friends.

3 months

It has been three months. Some days it feels like three years and others, like three days. As spring approaches and we begin to come out of winter’s seclusion, it is impossible not to feel that while Emily’s body is inexplicably gone, her indominatable spirit is present. Absence has been her way of appearing. May we be renewed by spring and remember that giving to others in the spirit that Emily gave to us is the lesson of her death.